There has been exponential growth in knowledge about genes and their influence on the effect of drugs and therapy outcomes. In coming years, the number of genes that are routinely tested as part of clinical diagnosis and drug therapy will increase significantly. The rapid increase in knowledge poses a major challenge for doctors. Besides having to keep pace with scientific progress, they are having to incorporate increasingly complex parameters into their decision-making.


With the expert system SONOGEN XP, SONOGEN has developed a solution for the clinical application of pharmacogenetics. This will help doctors implement new scientific pharmacogenetic knowledge directly into clinical application, thereby expediting the rapid and efficient transfer of university-based research findings to clinical practice.




Our Vision


SONOGEN AG specializes in personalized medicine: Our vision is to identify evidence-based therapies, customized for each individual patient, on a preventive and emergency basis.



The Team

Dr. Kai Heib

Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

Karl-Dietrich Hatz, MD, MBA

Chief Medical and Operating Officer

Board of Directors


Johan Bruat, Dipl.-Ing.

Chief Information Officer

Dr. rer. nat. Tanja Gatard

Clinical Content Manager

Angélique Steffens, M.Sc. Eng.

Software Engineer

Nicolas Jauniaux, PhD

Clinical Content Manager

Kerstin Wutscher

Assistant to the Management

Certified Medical Device Manufacturer


SONOGEN AG is an ISO 13485-certified medical device manufacturer.

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